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Our Focus

What we aim to achieve every time we're behind the lens


We take pride in our work, and want to show you this in how we present ourselves when on-location.


We want to capture the true emotions at your event. We are not machines or robots, and our photos reflect this. Fake and forced photography is not our M.O.


Photography is not our job. It is our passion. We do this for the love of beautiful photos, and as such, we’ll go out of our way to achieve this for you.


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Our aim is to deliver the best experience to our clients. We are professional, yet personal in order to get the best shots of you!
  • Special Occasions

    Weddings, Engagements, Reunions...

  • Sports photography

    Rugby, Hockey, Ultimate Frisbee... Basically Anything!

  • Portraits

    Indoors or Out, Formal or Casual.

  • Everything Else

    Landscapes, Macro, Nature... Chasing Lightning and Insects...


Introducing the team that seems to do everthing and anything...
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Carl Leisegang

Kitchener-Waterloo, Canada
Carl is the leader of this troop. He may not believe it, and sometimes neither does his team, but he is able to control things with a steady hand and a slightly twisted sense of humour. He also does graphic design and visual art.
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Heather Leisegang

Kitchener-Waterloo, Canada
Second in command, and married to Carl. That means she is actually first in command… She suggests something, Carl then puts it into action and takes all the glory for himself. Heather is a registered nurse and loves upgrading the first aid kits whenever she gets a chance.
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Karen Boland

Margate, South Africa
The oldest sibling of thee, and the most creative out of the bunch. Ask Karen to do something, and she will find a way to do it. Don’t ask her, and she’ll do it anyway. She runs a jewellery store with her husband by day, and plays creatively whenever she is able to.
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Sven Leisegang

Johannesburg, South Africa
Sven Leisegang, Architect. When equipped with a camera, he is devastating with the shutter button. And yes, he is a qualified architect. If you’re wondering what he looks like when his face is not covered by a camera? Look at his twin brother Carl.


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